At Triple RPM, we handle a large range of materials. We specialize in big and small parts. No matter what the scope of your industrial project, we can handle all aspects from design to prototype development to full product.

Triple RPM utilizes the latest CAD/CAM systems and applications that support a variety of file formats. We provide innovative solutions - from design through production - of our clients' precision machined components.

  • Regardless of the complexity of the machined part, whether manufacturing a simple standoff to a critical aerospace component, the experience of our machinists and our CNC equipment and machining capabilities allows us to service a wide range of industries to include, but are not limited to: Aerospace, Oil Field, Automotive, and Construction.

Our vast range of full service machining includes, in part:


  • CNC Machining
    At our company we are committed to fabricate and deliver high quality parts in sizes ranging from ½” up to 20” in diameter, and up to 30” in length.  We can also accommodate larger sizes if needed. 

CAD/CAM Programming

We use cutting edge CAD/CAM software to make your idea a reality. From 3D design to finished part.


We utilize the latest Technology in Marking Systems.  Data Matrix/Dot peen with high speed and cost effective marking is always a free option for our Customers.  Marking dot peen technology is UNIQUE by the fact that a measure is taken between each pulse in order to control the impact consistency.

Automatic Saw
We utilize high-speed metal cutting

Phosphate Coating
In house Phosphate coatings - used on steel parts for corrosion resistance.

At Triple RPM Mfg., we are dedicated to delivering Quality products.  We offer full traceability from receipt of purchase order through the floor processing and delivery of final product to our customers.  Rigid Quality Control throughout each step of the operation is the key at Triple RPM. 

Welding solutions are offered at Triple RPM Mfg.

Design Assistance
We can assist you in ways to reduce your costs, please contact us before you finalize your design.

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